Just a Little Extra Crazy

Tonight was extra crazy over here. The boys went for a visit at Grandma’s house and didn’t get back until later. (Not to mention my house looked like a tornado went through it when I got home.)

All this pushed our normal routine of bedtime stories back by half an hour, but the important thing is that we still made time to read, and the boys loved it.

Chickens to the Rescue by John Himmelman was the first pick of the night. This was a simple story but pretty funny. Hudson laughed at all the things the chickens did to help out those that lived on The Greenstalk farm. He really like when they made dinner.


Our next read was Froodle by Antoinette Portis. This is about a little brown bird that doesn’t want to chirp anymore. Instead this little bird starts saying silly words, like Froodle. Hudson kept calling the little brown bird Froodle, he didn’t completely understand the storyline. He did understand that the crow hurt the brown bird’s feelings. Again, a super cute book. Hudson would probably listen to it again.


What If Butterflies Loved Snow? by Jessie Stevens & Madhawi Karaya was our next book. This book was suggested by Librarian Sue. The first thing Hudson noticed in this book were the two caterpillars (one green and one orange). He was super excited about this since he wants to be an orange caterpillar for Halloween.  Both boys sat and listened for the entire book. They loved the illustrations and loved seeing the butterflies.  This book was lovely. I loved the story and the illustrations were beautiful. I think I’m going to tell some of my teacher friends about it. It would be a nice read aloud to discuss seasons and migration.


Our final book of the night was Halloween Night by Marjorie Dennis Murray. Of course this was th biggest hit of the night. Like I’ve mentioned before I have some Halloween fanatics on my hands. This book follows the same pattern as The Night Before Christmas. Hudson loved seeing all the “scary” illustrations. He loved the mummy monsters. This was another super cute book that I would recommend to others.


Tonight started off extra crazy but ended up being one of the best nights for picking out some great reads. Hudson sat and listened for all the books while Lincoln sat for the majority. (I still think his meds have made him extra naughty, but what’s a mom to do?!)

That is all I have for tonight. I have to get ready for a rainy afternoon out at the school forest tomorrow. Hopefully the mosquitos will leave me alone!

Happy Reading!


P.S. I lost again at supper tonight, I know you were wondering. 😏

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2 thoughts on “Just a Little Extra Crazy

  1. So glad you enjoyed our book!, thanks so much for blogging about it!
    P.S. Chickens to the Rescue is one of my girls favorite books too! 🙂


    1. My boys both loved your book. It was beautifully written. The illustrations were amazing!


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